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No one knows air conditioning like we do. Leonard Heating & Air Conditioning is Elk Grove’s leading air conditioning service and repair center, and our staff is the reason why. We offer great service at competitive prices, and our customer care is the best out there.

Keep you and your family cool this summer with Leonard Heating & Air Conditioning. 

You know you can count on us for all your home cooling system needs. But did you know there are routine maintenance tasks you can perform throughout the year to help keep your air conditioning blowing bold and cold through those scorching summer months?

You should check your AC’s air filters every month. In March, June, September and December, change those filters. Buildup can hamper performance, costing you more money down the road in the form of expensive repair or even replacement bills.

Leonard Heating & Air Conditioning can service all major air conditioner brands, including Amana, Ruud, Trane, Bryant, Carrier, York, Sears and more. Don’t wait until AC troubles rear their ugly head – your hesitation can cost you big bucks.

Call us at the first sign that your AC is acting up. You’ll be glad you did – after all, we’re the area’s premier air conditioning service and maintenance center. Don’t wait; call us today!

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